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Update on Medical Records: 16.15 hours, 22 January 2021

19 January 2021 Tuesday Record of Telephone Conversation with Judge (?) during at telephone call to Me on Conferencing arrangement from the Central London County Court on Claim Number E35YM660:

Notice of Reconsideration Hearing In the County Court at Central London Claim Number E35YM660

Date: 9 December 2020 (Sealed: The County Court)

Dr SHANTANU PANIGRAHI 1ST Claimant Ref: Mrs THERESA MAY – PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM 1ST Defendant Ref: Z1819776/TBL/A4 TAKE NOTICE: that the Reconsideration Hearing will take place on 19 January 2021 at 2.00 PM via BT Meet Me At the County Court of Central London, Hearing Centre Sitting At, The Mayors and City Of London Court, Guildhall Buildings, Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5AR 30 minutes has been allowed for the Reconsideration Hearing Please Note: This case may be released to another Judge, possibly at a different Court PLEASE NOTE: YOUR HEARING WILL TAKE PLACE BY TELEPHONE. The time of the hearing is 2.00pm 1. The court is using BT MeetMe to set up telephone hearings. You will receive a telephone call from the Judge on the day of the hearing. You should be ready to receive this call and to participate in the hearing. Sometimes hearings may overrun, so you should be ready to receive the call between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm for morning hearings, or between 2.00pm and 4.00pm for an afternoon hearing. 2. You must now confirm the telephone number that that you want the Judge to use to contact you. Please send this information at least 48 hours before the hearing by email to: If you do not supply this telephone number the Judge may make an order in your absence. 3. Electronic bundles: The claimant or the party making the application must send to the court and to other party at least 48 hours before the hearing an electronic bundle to be used at the hearing. The bundle must be paginated and indexed and must have bookmarks. This can be done using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Detailed guidance on creating an electronic bundle is available at: General Guidance on PDF Bundles. 4. If the Claimant or the party making the application is a litigant in person and the other party is represented, the represented party must prepare the bundle. 5. The electronic bundles should contain all the documents which the judge needs for the hearing. The judge may not have access to the court file. However, the parties must not include irrelevant or unnecessary material in the bundle; it should contain only those documents which are essential. 6. The bundle must be sent to The judge dealing with the hearing may ask for the bundle to be sent to him/her using Mimecast or another similar programme which enables the transmission of large files. It is the parties’ responsibility to make sure that the lay parties and all witnesses have a copy of the electronic bundle and can navigate around it. 7. Skeleton arguments should be sent to if the case is being heard by a Circuit Judge and to if the case is being heard by a District Judge. 8. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL ABLE TO PROCEED WITH A HEARING REMOTELY OR YOU FEEL THE CASE SHOULD BE ADJOURNED FOR ANY OTHER REASON, PLEASE EMAIL THE COURT IMMEDIATELY ON 9. If your case settles or an agreement is reached prior to the hearing you must contact the court on the enquiries email address. 10. This case has been given a set time in the list. If you re concerned that the time allocation is not sufficient you must contact the court immediately. The court office at the County Court at Central London, Central London, R.C.J. Thomas More Building, Royal Courts Of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL. When corresponding with the court, please address forms or letters to the Court Manager and quote the claim number. Tel: 0300 123 5577 Fax: 0870739 4144 (GOLD FAX). Check if you can issue your claim online. It will save you time and money. Go to www.moneyclaim/ to find out more. Produced by B. Luis CJR024 N24 Notice of PTR/Adjunct/Restored.Hrg/Management Conference



Judge: Over to You.

Me: Yes Your Honour I am grateful that you have given me this opportunity to express my feelings of the injustices. Your Honour, I am a law-abiding citizen serving Her Majesty the Queen as our Head of State Monarch with all the dedication that I can muster and this has always been the case throughout the past 23 years of my struggle to protect my reputation as a fully naturalised citizen from 1984 and especially since the University of Greenwich unfairly accused me of being disorderly in gross misconduct against my colleagues and senior management. I have always followed the letter and spirit of the law laid down by our Constitution which as you must know is unwritten, so that I have had to explore out its provisions through actions that I have taken in all my communications with law enforcement authorities of the State, in the understanding that the status quo of the moment’s realities represent the law. This being my outlook I have been looking for a Judgment from Your Honour as to why my lifetimes work published unchallenged over the ten years of my investigations of the Constitutional basis that tested the legitimacy of my actions in society in writing the Blog: should be without explanation during and since the publicaition of the materials remain out of the public domain as we speak now. As I said in my Claim Form I am seeking only a nominal £3000 for this Judgment in compensation now, while the future proceedings are directed by Your Honour on the disposal of the Claim in its entirety constitutionally, in order that I can take remedial actions in terms of meeting the costs applied for after Your Honours final judgment if I am found to have misunderstood the provisions of the law in seeking mu justified perception of my attempts to deal with the Defamation that archiving and suppression of the contents of the Blog represents to me, as we speak. So if Your Honour considers that I have acted unlawfully in any way, I would like an explanation of how this is so.

Judge: The Deputy District Judge’s Order is concerned with a Reconsideration of the Application. This relates to your time to consult a lawyer in meeting the Order of 14 January 2020

Me: That is incorrect I said. Much water has gone under the bridge since then. The District Judge harassed, and deceived me to allow Victims of Panigrahi Association to terrorise me for another year to make my life here in the United Kingdom impossible and to make me stateless.

Judge: Is there anything you wish to add?

Me: No thankyou.

Judge: Then I am going to give my Judgment.

Conferencing Call ended at 10.17 M. __________________________________________________________________________Letter handed to Shah Surgery receptionist on 21 Janary 2021 at 8.10 am

Dear Dr Mawanche (Shah Surgery)

Yesterday afternoon, I had a meeting with Dr Odesanya, Consultant Psychiatrist IN Britton House about the continuing perversion of justice by Judges Freer of the Employment Tribunal and HHJ Parfitt at the Contral London County Court in the documents that I received from them and Santander Bank who have frozen my Accounts in not letting me use my Debit Card and Online Access facilities to transfer money to various destinations over the past 5 weeks, and how much distress this was causing me in making mu Urological problems even worse so that Finasteride and Tamsoulosin are not working. I asked to be placed back on Risperidone with the consent of my wife and Carer. He stopped me from using your prescription for 50 mg Quetiapinae (attached). Instead of doing that Dr Odesanya increased my prescription medication of Quetiapine that started my urinary problems from 50 mg daily to 100 mg for the first week and 200 mg from the second week. I got this medication from Boots and took 100 mg Quetiapine last night.The result was severe blockage of my urination and pain when the few drops that would come out resulted. Dr Odesanya just does not seem to see that the Courts and Tribunals are bullying, harassing, intimidating me and perverting justice to let the 1500 criminals who harassed me over the past 23 years go scot-free. I have still not received the Full Written Reasons why the Courts are persecuting me on and on this way, and Dr Odesanya is making my health problems worse and worse with his continual experimentation on me with all the different anit-psychotic medications he can think of like aripripazole, lurasidone, clopazine, etc. instead of following up the referral to Maudsley Hospital in London for Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour trait of Autism that urges me to offload my mind on current issues of concern to humanity, as preindicated from the Questionnaire analysis and the referral of which to Maudsley Hospital was agreed by the Clinical Commissioning Group of Medway National Health Service last Spring. You are aware that I have complained about Dr Odesaya for over a year.

Please let him know that I went to see him yesterday at a Crisis Point because Dr Bhatt of Medway Maritime Hospital has still not arranged my uroflourometry test relating to the attached Prostate-Specific Antigen Blood Test that I am having this morning at 9.10 am, as arranged by the GP durgery in the attached. Normally, the Medway Maritime Hospital would have sent me its own Blood Test Proforma for this purpose.

Please advise me what I should do about the vaccinnations (attached). Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Attachments stapled

1. Prescription issued by Shah Surgery on 20 January 2021 for Zaluron XL 50 mg (Fontuna Health Ltd) – One to be taken Each Day 30 Tablet

2. Blood Test Proforma from Mrs Jodie Whitehead, endorsed 6 Jan 10.10; Thurs 21-01-21 @ 9.10. Reference Email:, Medway Maritime Hospital 5708008AD/LM (Signed S.Panigrahi 6 Jan 2021, 5.37 am).

3. NHS England and NHS Improvement,Skipton House, 80 London Road, SE1 6LH. To Shantanu Panigrahi, 3 Hoath Lane, Gillingham ME8 0SL NHS No 6284771487 Date: 31 Dec 2020; Why do I need a flu vaccination Signed Dr Stephen Powis, National Medical Director, NHS England and NHS Improvement.Endorsed by Claimant: Dr Odesanya knows that my religion of Viashnavism does not allow me to take medications and have blood tests and vacinnations like this, so it is an insult.