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0 Shantanu Panigrahi 26m ago

Sorry this did not work out quite as I had intended: I was talking about a video that I created in Facebook earlier on how there should be a new approach to the education of our children from 5 years of age through to their 18th birthday. During the past 25 years especially the world gas become globalised as a single market in pursuit of the capitalistic socialism agenda that treats all human beings as slaves to System of a Single Market. They consequently have been learning and working as robotic machines with no creativity of their own for which they have the genetic capacity to exhibit given the appropriate mental guidance. This has been a failed experimentation of globalisation and the result is terrible mental health suffering of young as they even enter adulthood right up to old age. I can personally vouch for that for that is my personal experience from the time that the senior managers of the University of Greenwich dismissed me from service as a very able scientist with an unblemished conduct record until the New Steps of Mr Blair's government that was in fact initiated prior to his arrival by the Conservative Party which dismantled the State through turning trade unions as bystanders and which Mr Blair followed through by removing Clause 4 from the Labour Party Constitution. What followed subsequently was the revelation of the State of the United Kingdom as a dictatorial Police State necessarily so in a bid to seek the glory of the Empire once again and which culminated in the Brexit saga 12-14 months ago.

To this day there has been no Written Reasons given to me as to why I was not intentionally defamed by successive employers such as Shell UK, and Sainsburys and continued to be marginalised out of employment by Tesco, Morrisons, John Lewis and countless others, for I did not fit in as I was determined to stick to my creativity born of spiritual and material mixture of education from a very early age in India which I brought to the United Kingdom as a 15 year old.

Vedic education is the correct manner in which children should be educated, the people should determine the economy and not the economy determine the people. For people to determine the economy the education of the children is vital component that continually should assess the strengths and weaknesses of each child in the classroom to determine their responses to a standard material and spiritual mix of education that takes particular note of mental health of the child. The teachers should therefore be trained in mental health in a State education system only, with all private education binned so that the State runs in a cohesive manner under the Monarchy in the United Kingdom, and not get kicked about like a football by the two major Parties and differences within Parties such as we have currently in the Conservative and Unionist Party where a huge majority has been used to dismiss dissenting voicies of what are all career politicians engaging in spin doctoring through fake news.

The coronavirus has dismantled the globalised world. It was about time. I feel it was a deliberate Heaven-sent boon to mankind, that allows fresh thinking on how we should now progress globally leaving each country to fend for itself in independence to use their citizens as they see fit and at the level of dictatorship that each country's population can tolerate before they took action on their leaders.

If people are not place first, there is no democracy to speak of, as we see in the United Kingdom which is facing incredibly dark times because since the Falklands war and the miners strike the people have been ignored by the Establishment.